Why Dentos Pet Stylist Academy?


Australians love to spoil their pets. We’re spending millions to keep our four-legged friends healthy and well-fed, not to mention pampered at grooming salons and luxury spas across Australia. The industry continues to grow at a dynamic rate. That makes pets one of the fastest-growing career opportunities of the future.


Is Dentos Pet Stylist Academy right for You?


"We turn your passion into your profession"


What are your goals? Do you want to run your own pet salon? Do you want to advance the pet grooming skills you’ve already acquired? Do you have a career in the pet care industry and want to broaden your range of skills? Looking for a retirement job or just starting your career? Dentos Pet Stylist Academy will give you the skills to help get you there.


Learn From the Best

Our industry partners at The Pet Stylist Academy have extensive training, experience, and passion for pets. We are one of the most established training centers in Australia. Their strong reputation for excellence has been proven in their effective training curriculum. At The Pet Stylist Academy, you will be a part of a training program that has long been established as extremely progressive and effective. Every day is exciting! 


State-of-the-art Training Centre

If you’re looking for plenty of hands-on learning, you have come to the right place. At The Pet Stylist Academy, they groom 100’s of pets per week. 75% of your learning is hands-on, almost from day 1!


A Vacation while you Learn

Visit the beautiful Gold Coast. Have the opportunity to learn whilst enjoying the benefits of the Gold Coast. All while attending Dentos Pet Stylist Academy!


Our Students are in Demand

The placement rate for Dentos Pet Stylist Academy students consistently is very high (96%). In fact, many of our students have gained employment before finishing the course. Numerous students who have finished their course have also opened their own salons or mobile salon.


Call and schedule a no-obligation tour of the Pet Stylist Academy. During your visit, they will listen to your dreams and show you our facility.