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Animal-Assisted Services
Skill Set
DENTOS Pet Stylist Academy RTO 2875
This course meets the Nationally Recognised Training standards. It is listed on the Australian government's National Register for Vocational Education and Training (VET). Studying this course leads to a qualification that's recognised throughout Australia, and lets employers know that you have the right skills for the job.
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Self Paced, up to 6 months
Delivery Mode:
Blended (Online & Classroom)
Start Date: 
Enrol Anytime
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Payment Options:
Payment Plans & Upfront Payment
Nationally Recognised Qualification
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Course Overview

Do you want to share your love of animals with others, bringing the unique benefits of human-animal interaction into the lives of those that need it most?

Do you want an education that spans the breadth of animal assisted therapy, education andactivities?

Our comprehensive program will give you the skills you need to participate in an existing programor to get started building your own. Students will examine how contact with animals can enhancehuman well-being in such fields as health care, social services, psychology, psychiatry, education,allied health, therapy, and many more. The course explores conceptual frameworks, research, andpractical techniques that will empower you to introduce animals to a variety of settings. It willenhance your personal growth and professional development.

The course will teach you to:

  • Work with animals in an educational or therapeutic setting

  • Correctly interpret human and animal body language

  • Understand animal cognition and emotions

  • Build safe & effective programs

  • Anticipate and resolve potential problems

  • Understand the legal and ethical issues

  • Work with a variety of personality types

  • Create animal enrichment programs

  • And much, much more!

Entry Requirements
To be eligible for this course, you must:
Be at least 18 years old
Completed Year 10 or Equivalent
Access to a computer, laptop or tablet
Internet access and email address
Proficiency in speaking and writing in English
Physically capable of restraining animals, handling animals and standing for extended periods of time
Course Subjects (units)
While completing the ACMSS00035 Animal-Assisted Services (Skill Set) from the Pet Stylist Academy, you will study the following subjects:

ACMBEH301   Identify behaviours and interact safely with animals
ACMAAS401   Manage Animals and Facilitate Human-Animal Interaction in Animal-Assisted services
ACMAAS402   Apply Disability Awareness to Animal-Assisted Services

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Course Delivery
Students have up to 12 months to complete the course. However, many students are able to complete their study within this time frame based upon the amount of hours dedicated to study each week.

The course program is taught using a blended approach (Online & Practical Training).

The course is delivered online which means students are not required to attend classes or lectures. Students will receive access to our 'Learning Portal' where they will find the course materials, interactive learning materials, videos and assessments. In addition, students will also receive a hard copy of the Learner Resource.

While studying online, students will have access to our teaching support team via email, online chat or phone. Our teaching team will help support and guide students every step on their journey.

Practical Training
The practical training (hands-on) and practical assessments are completed at Empower Assistance Dogs under the guidance and support of our qualified teachers and dog trainers for 1 week full time. This ensures the student is taught the hands-on skills required to become qualified in animal-assisted therapies while being guided by our team.

During the practical training, the students will be using the knowledge they have gained and be taught the skills required to work with dogs to support people with physical disabilities, special needs and implement programs to improve the lives of children, the elderly and those with mental health issues.
Practical Training Dates 2024:
  • 19th April15th -
  • 24th - 28th June
  • 2nd - 6th September
Please note - We can only run practical classes with a minimum of 6 students. Please confirm with the team before booking accommodation or flights.
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Course Fees
The full fee for the course fee is $2,000.

Students have a choice of paying the full amount up-front, or you can take advantage of one of the Pet Stylist Academy's easy interest free payment plans.

Payment Plans

For your convenience the Pet Stylist Academy offers interest free payment plans, choose the one that best suits your lifestyle:
  • Pay in two (2) installments (1st installment: $1000 enrolment fee plus 1 x $1000 installment)
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