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Hannah (student) Testimonial

Hannah (student) Testimonial

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" I completed Emily's nationally recognised cert 3 grooming course in May. Since then I have started my own mobile grooming business in Far North Queensland. The course was the best career decision I have ever made! I went from knowing next to nothing about grooming to being not just capable, but GOOD at grooming in 4 weeks. Upon completion of the course I was able to start a business and be confident in my ability to deliver a quality service. Emily covers every aspect of grooming in her course and is an extremely motivated and captivating teacher. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from someone so experienced and passionate about the industry. "

Kate Iacutone,

Kate's Mobile Dog Grooming 

Pet Stylist Academy succss story Kate

"I completed the Cert 3 in pet grooming in March 2015 and opened up my own grooming shop near Byron Bay NSW in May! I'm happy to say my business is booming! I'm so glad I decided to do this course! Emily is a wonderful teacher, so knowledgeable and encouraging! The months hands on experience can be overwhelming at times but it's well worth the hard work! I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in working with doggies and has a creative flare!

Cassie Swinney,

The Salty Dog Grooming Shop 

Pet Stylist Academy Success story Cassie

I would like to send out a big thank you to Emily, Belinda and all of the wonderful staff and doggies at The Pet Stylist Academy. I completed the Certificate 3 course in October last year and it was the best decision that I've ever made. Emily's extensive grooming knowledge/experience and patience was incredibly inspiring and gave me the invaluable skills and confidence to achieve my dream of starting my own mobile grooming business. I'm happy to say that it's now up and I'm loving it! If you enjoy working with dogs, have a passion to work in the grooming industry and are not afraid of some hard work I highly recommend this course to you. Thanks again for helping me to make my dream a reality !!!

Sally Livingstone

Emily, Belinda, Lisa , Judy and the team at PSA are a wonderful, talented team. They teach with great passion and are masters of their craft! With on going support, they will teach you to fine tune and grow as a Pet Stylist. Very accommodating and wonderful facilities. Thank you ladies!!!!!

I highly recommend this course to you. Thanks again for helping me to make my dream a reality !!!

Stephanie Goodwin

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