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Study, Work and Play Internationally

The following provides a guide for those international students who are planning to travel to Australia to study on the Gold Coast.

Studying at the Dentos Pet Stylist Academy is more than just being at an academy–

it is a life rewarding experience!

Australia is a continent with an excellent climate, boundless opportunities, and fantastic quality of life, which is the perfect place to study, work and live. The academy campus is situated on the Gold Coast, Australia’s fastest growing city and most popular holiday destination.



The Gold Coast offers glorious beaches, a tranquil hinterland, and abundant work opportunities. The School is conveniently located a short distance from beaches, international hotels and restaurants, airports, medical facilities, public transport and shopping centres. A recent United Nations report rated Australia as of the third best countries in the world to live.




Queensland is an all-year round destination. The sub-tropical climate brings warm summers and mild winters. Average maximum temperatures during the year are:



The basic cost of living in Australia according to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs  is AU$19,830 per year. International student may be asked to provide specified documentary evidence of your financial capacity with your visa application.



Buses and Trams are readily available on the Gold Coast and times vary from 24 hour service to part time services depending on location and week day. You can purchase GO CARD and register for concession.

Cost to school: AU$1.50 – AU$2.00 (GO CARD Concession)
*The cost may vary depending on the location. For more information, please check TransLink website:


Taxis are recommended for when going out at night. This can cost from AU$6.00 depending where you want to go out. [FlatFare rate applied Friday night and weekend]



There are a number of train stations located throughout the Coast. The train service provided connects the Gold Coast to Brisbane and all major suburbs in between.
For more information, please check TransLink website



The Pet Stylist Academy has FREE accommodation rooms for students studying at the Academy on a Tourist or Working Holiday VISA.

The following is an indicative price guide for general accommodation costs on the Gold Coast.

*Home Stay AU$250.00 – AU$270.00 per week depending on location and conditions of stay

*Share Accommodation AU$130.00 –AU$180.00 depending on location [does not include food ]

*Unit and house rentals from AU$280.00 up, depending on size and location


*Pre-paid phone card: AU$10.00 – AU20.00 per week

*Cinema ticket: AU$12.00 – AU$17.00

*Coffee: AU$3.00 -AU $5.00

*Lunch (take away): AU$8.00 – AU$15.00

*Fast Food: AU$5.00 – AU$10.00

*Dinning out: AU$25.00 – AU$45.00

Condition for International Student


To be eligible for an Australian Student Visa, international students must enrol on a full-time basis, either into our Certificate III or our Dual Qualification courses.

The Certificate III course takes 6 months to complete.

Students must be over 18 to apply to study at The Pet Stylist Academy.

Students must notify the Pet Stylist Academy of their Australian address and contact details within seven days of arrival. Any changes to these details must be reported immediately.

For General information about Student Visa, please check Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website.


Overseas students studying in Australia must have private health insurance as a condition of a Student Visa. Australia’s national health system, Medicare only covers Australian citizens and permanent residents. Check Australian Government website.



International students will require a minimum IELTS Language Score of 5.0 (or equivalent) for Certificate III courses. Sound written and oral English language skills are necessary, and a Language Literacy & Numeracy Assessment is available.

For international students who require language assessment or assistance to improve their English reading, writing and speaking skills, we are able to recommend a respected local language training facility.



International students residing in Australia under a student visa are permitted to find employment for up to 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session, and unlimited hours when your course is not in session. Employment details are registered with Immigration. However, employment cannot affect your course attendance requirements. Part-time students studying whilst on a tourist visa are not permitted to work during that time.



Applicants who consider that they have completed appropriate training or have through prior learning and experience gained the required skills/competencies for some of the units of the course, may be granted credit upon substantiation of that claim.


Where a student is granted credits for part of the training course prior to granting the visa the


Confirmation of Enrolment will reflect the adjusted time frame.


If the course credit is granted after the visa, DIBP will be advised of the change to the Visa requirement via PRISMS.


For more information, please check our RPL page.



Students must attend the school for a minimum of 35 hours a week and you cannot defer, suspend or cancel your course except under very specific circumstances.

Students must maintain an acceptable level of achievement throughout the course to ensure that all studies will be completed within the timeframe of the Visa. The Pet Stylist Academy is obliged to report to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) any student whose attendance or academic progress is not satisfactory.

International students cannot change to another provider until after the first six months of their principal course except under special circumstances.

All of this information is detailed in the Handbook for International Students. This is an important document and you must read it carefully to understand your rights and obligations as an International Student.

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