DENTOS Pet Stylist Academy RTO 2875

You will learn the basic skills and knowledge of animal care to prepare you for work in the animal industry. This course is designed to give you exposure to the Animal Services industry. 


If you love animals and the idea of working in an animal care role, this course is the ideal starting point. You’ll gain introductory skills and knowledge to care for animals in a range of environments, or to lead you to further study.

The curriculum has been designed to ensure that the students perform in a skillful, responsible, and professional manner and that their scope of knowledge creates highly qualified professionals. Under the direction and instruction of seasoned professionals, students acquire the techniques and skills necessary for competence in the field of animal industry. Practical training and handling techniques are complemented by a structured self-study program. These elements are the foundation of the course.


Fundamental to the method of instruction and content of the training is the student’s capacity for growth. 

Subjects covered in the qualification:

  • Dog Breeds and Coat Types

  • Dog Anatomy and Behaviours

  • Diseases and Infection control

  • WH&S

  • Dog behaviour and handling

  • Customer Relations and Salon (or mobile) procedures

  • Pet First Aid

  • Bathing and Drying different coat types

  • Scissoring, also use of thinning shears

  • Clipping, using clippers, maintenance, using snap on combs and being able to apply on different coat lengths

  • Demoulting and Stripping dogs coat.

  • Perform grooming on different coat types 


Work effectively in the companion animal industry    

Contribute to workplace health and safety processes     

Provide reception services for an animal care facility       

Provide information on companion animals, products and services

Comply with infection control policies and procedures in animal care work

Organise workplace information                              

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Provide enrichment for animals

Provide basic first aid for animals

Provide basic care of dogs

Complete animal care hygiene routines

Maintain and monitor animal health and well being 

Provide grooming services for companion animal comfort

Provide companion animal hydro-bathing services

Perform dog grooms on different coat types 

Perform a cross breed clip 


















Course Information


Course Dates 2021:

  • 1st February - 26th February

  • 1st March - 26th March

  • 19th April - 14th May

  • 17th May - 11th June

  • 12th July - 6th August

  • 16th August - 10th September

  • 11th October - 5th November

  • 8th November - 3rd December


Course Duration:

Tourist Visa

Theory - Self Paced (Online)

Practical - 4 Weeks at Academy

* Online study is done in the students own time prior to attending the practical training.


Working Holiday Visa

Theory - Self Paced (Online)

Practical - 4 Weeks at Academy

* Online study is done in the students own time prior to attending the practical training.

Student Visa

Theory - Self Paced (Online)

Practical - 20 Weeks at Academy

* Additional time allocated for students to attend English lessons (additional cost) to ensure they reach the minimum English standard prior to attending the training block.

Course Times:

Monday - Friday

9am - 4pm

Delivery Mode:

  • Blended

  • On Campus

  • RPL (Recognised Prior Learning)

Course Training:

The Pet Stylist Academy provides the training and assessment of this qualification on behalf of Dentos Pet Stylist Academy at their Broadbeach Academy


Course Materials:

All text books and online training materials are provided in the course investment.