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Course Overview

The Certificate II in Animal Studies is an ideal entry point into the animal care and management industry. This qualification prepares students for entry into sectors of the animal care and management industry, where workers provide care for animals in workplaces such as pet shops, animal shelters, kennels, catteries, groomers, sanctuaries and veterinary clinics.

This course will give you an introduction to the animal care industry and teach you how to conduct animal care work practices in an ethical and humane manner. Learn how to complete animal care hygiene routines, feed and water animals, provide basic first aid, and assist in the health care of animals. You’ll also gain essential workplace skills in effective workplace communication, workplace health and safety, and environmentally sustainable work practices.

The Certificate II in Animal Studies is a pathway into other qualifications such as the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Course Details

Timeline: Up to 12 months to complete

Delivery: Online, Blended and Work Placement

Work Placement: minimum 10 full days (80 hours)

Assessments: Online Theory Assessments, Practical Assessments and Work Placement

Nationally Accredited: YES

Course Title & Code: ACM20117 Certificate II Animal Studies

Course Delivery

The course program is taught using a blended approach (online & work placement).

The theory (knowledge) is taught and assessed via our online learning platform. This allows students to start study at anytime and learn the required knowledge prior to attending the academy for the practical training.

Once the student has completed their theory study and assessments, they are then able to commence their practical training. The practical training is taught during work placement or volunteer work. A minimum of 10 days (80 hours) is required to complete the training and practical assessments for the Certificate II Animal Studies.

For those wanting a more intensive program, they are able to attend the academy on the Gold Coast for a 2-week practical training block.


Course Investment: $3,000

Payment Plan Options:

  • Full Course Payment

  • Direct Debit Plan

  • Interest Free Plan

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Government Assistance: If you’re studying, training or doing an Australian Apprenticeship, you may be eligible for 1 of 3 Government Assistance payments.


  • Youth Allowance (age 16-24 years)

  • Austudy (age over 25 years)

  • ABSTUDY (Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander)

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Subjects covered in the qualification:

  • Dog Breeds and Coat Types

  • Dog Anatomy

  • Animal Welfare and Handling

  • Workplace Health and Safety

  • Canine Behaviour & Psychology

  • Fleas and Common Parasites

  • Diseases and Infection control

  • Zoonoses

  • Pet First Aid

  • Dog Enrichment

  • Animal Handling & Restraints

  • Customer Service & Relations

  • Nutrition

  • Tools and Equipment

  • Bathing and Drying

Units of Study

  • ACMGAS201 Work in the animal care industry

  • ACMGAS202 Participate in workplace communications

  • ACMGAS203 Complete animal care hygiene routines

  • ACMGAS204 Feed and water animals

  • ACMGAS205 Assist in health care of animals

  • ACMGAS206 Provide basic first aid for animals

  • ACMSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

  • ACMWHS201 Participate in workplace health and safety processes

  • ACMGAS207 Provide reception services for an animal care facility

  • ACMINF301 Comply with infection control policies and procedures in animal care work

  • ACMSPE304 Provide basic care of domestic dogs

  • ACMCAS307 Provide companion animal hydro-bathing services

What you will learn
Student Handbook

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