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Pet Stylist Academy

Pet Stylist Academy, located on the Gold Coast, stands as one of Australia's premier training centres for pet grooming and animal courses, renowned for their unwavering commitment to excellence and proven effectiveness in training techniques and educational curriculum.

Since their establishment in 2013, they've been dedicated to nurturing exceptional individuals who go on to become outstanding animal services professionals. They offer a range of nationally accredited qualifications and courses that equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic animal industry.

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The Pet Stylist Academy stands out as an esteemed institution, offering nationally recognised qualifications that span across a variety of sectors within the animal industry. Catering to the interests and passion of animal enthusiasts and future professionals, the Academy provides comprehensive courses in pet grooming, animal care, equine studies, and dog training. With a curriculum designed by experts in each field, the Academy promises a blend of theoretical understanding and practical skill-building that will equip students with the knowledge and competence to excel in their chosen careers in the animal industry.

Why The Pet Stylist Academy?

Flexible Learning

Our educational platform, flexible learning enables you to tailor your educational journey to your own schedule, empowering you to learn at your own pace without compromising on quality. This approach enhances your ability to balance personal, professional, and educational commitments, all while fostering a more personalized and effective learning experience.

Qualified Industry Professionals

All our teachers are world-leading educators in the animal industry who are all highly qualified and bring a wealth of practical experience to the Academy. Their industry-specific expertise and knowledge not only ensure a comprehensive academic foundation but also prepare students to meet the demands of the contemporary workforce with real-world insights.

Real World Skills

At the Pet Stylist Academy, we prioritise providing learners with practical, hands-on training that directly applies to the demands of the animal industry. Our immersive curriculum bridges theory and practice, equipping students with real-world skills essential to thrive in a wide array of animal-related careers.

Flexible Payment Plans

Understanding the importance of accessible education, our Academy offers a range of flexible payment plans designed to suit various financial situations. Our goal is to ensure that every aspiring learner has the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills without the worry of financial constraints.

Pet Stylist Academy Team
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